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LB Liffey Steel Rear Access Postbox

  • Front and rear access
  • Covered front and rear slots
  • Top slot: 250x35mm
  • Rear slot: 235x24mm
  • Letter aperture width: 250mm
  • Rear Retrieval
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Screws and fittings included
  • Letter aperture on top
  • Letter aperture on rear
  • Suitable for A4 size deliveries
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • 1 door
  • Made from Steel
  • Post Box Format: Upright
  • External Dimensions: 365 x 270 x 120mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Volume: 11L
Product reference code: 3216
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This product has been discontinued


The Lee Rear Access postbox features a second covered letter slot on its back, making it ideal for positioning behind a letter plate on a gate or fence. Post can be pushed through the letter plate and into the postbox for easy retrieval via the front door. The Lee can also be placed on a wall and used as a normal postbox.

Available in black or stainless steel.


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