Cigarette Bins

At Letterboxes, we provide a range of cigarette bins, ideal for businesses and bars and other businesses to allow the disposal of cigarettes in a clean and efficient manner. Our range consists of wall and floor standing cigarette bins. Wall Mounted cigarette bins resemble letterboxes in shape and side, and are primarily made out of stainless steel, ensuring resistance to harsh weather conditions. These cigarette bins are lockable and likely contain an internal container to allow for the tidy disposal of it’s contents. To help minimise fire risk, these bins generally come with internal baffles that help trap smoke and prevent combustion. Free standing cigarette bins are much the same as their wall mounted counterparts, however are more suited to locations where wall mounting is not an option. These cigarette bins minimise fire thanks to various systems often installed in these bins. These can include extinguishing screens, steel chambers or sand.

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