Cityline Duostor Two Compartment Parcel Box

* This product has been discontinued *

  • Two-compartment post and parcel box
  • Stylish flap design and rounded corners
  • Secure solution for parcel deliveries
  • Separate compartments for letters and parcels
  • Parcel compartment locks once closed
  • Comes with threaded rods for mounting in concrete
  • Letter aperture width: 400mm
  • Rear Retrieval
  • Letter aperture on front
  • Suitable for A4 size deliveries
  • 3 doors
  • Made from Steel
  • Post Box Format: Upright
  • External Dimensions: 1094 x 511 x 393mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Volume: 219L
Product reference code: 3134
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This product has been discontinued


The Cityline Duostor offers a secure solution for mail and parcel deliveries. Rather than having letters and parcels share the same delivery chute, the Duostor features a dedicated top compartment for letters and a larger, lockable compartment for parcels.

Letters can be delivered into the top compartment via the letter flap in the same way as with a standard postbox. Meanwhile, the lower compartment can be left unlocked if a large delivery is expected. Once the parcel is placed inside the box, the door is shut and automatically locked until you retrieve the parcel with your key. The two compartments are entirely separate. Items delivered into one compartment cannot be accessed from the other.

The rear of the Duostor features two lockable doors giving access to each compartment. This makes it convenient to retrieve letters and deliveries.

Built from robust galvanised steel, the Duostor is ideal for homes or businesses that regularly receive larger sized parcels and packages. Available in a range of colours.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 393 × 511 × 1094 mm

Anthracite, Grey White, Jet Black, White Aluminium


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