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Ecoflap Draught Excluding Letterplate
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Ecoflap Draught Excluding Letterplate

49.00 inc VAT

  • Stops draughts, reduces noise
  • Saves money on heating
  • Easy to install
  • Fits almost all existing letter slots
  • Suitable for any type of door
  • Choice of colours
  • Comes with 10 years warranty from the manufacturer
  • External Dimensions: 117 x 330 x 0mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 0.34kg
  • Volume: 0L

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The Ecoflap is an innovative and clever product designed to prevent the two most common annoyances of a typical letter slot: draughts and noise caused by wind. The stronger the wind blows, the tighter the Ecoflap closes, meaning no more rattling letterplate and no more annoying breezes, which in turn is sure to bring the heating bill down. It has been proven to work in wind speeds up to 100 mph.

The Ecoflap is easily installed to any type of door, wood or PVC, and will fit letter slots of up to 287.5 x 53.25mm (WxH). The body is made from robust plastic with a smooth, sleek look, while an aluminium panel within the flap provides rigidity. A rubberised covering means the flap closes quietly.

The Ecoflap can be fitted to the inside of almost any door and can be used in conjunction with most standard external letter flaps.

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